This is simple tutorial posting from my mobile phone Nokia N73 ME @ blogger.

Are You Ready..... :p

First Step...

You must have a blog.
For example : it's my blog :)
it's easy, you can create anytime from

Okay, login at your blog go to Settings > Email.
Configure from blogger, here is the screen shoot

Fill the form :

BlogSend Address : your mail
Mail-to-Blogger Address : your mail @ blogger it's up to you.

for example :

BlogSend Address :
Mail-to-Blogger Address :

and then you must download 3rd party software
Abiro Mobile Blogger you can found here.
Download JAR File and then install into mobile phone.

Here is the screen shoot Abiro Mobile Blogger

Configuration of Mobile Blogger

  1. Open the application Mobile Blogger
  2. Press Option and Setup from the softkey menu.
  3. Enter your user name in 'Google Blogger user name' (your mail @ blogger)
  4. Enter the email secret you configured above in 'Google Blogger email secret'.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Done
okay, let's try...
enjoy blogging from your mobile phone.

if your message success, you received message at your mail, here is the screen shoot.