BenQ R43 & BenQ Q41 Joybook Driver for Windows XP

Card Reader Driver for BenQ R43 Q41 Joybook using Microsoft Windows XP

Audio Driver for BenQ R43 Q41 Joybook using Microsoft Windows XP

VGA Driver for BenQ R43 Q41 Joybook using Microsoft Windows XP

Modem Driver for BenQ R43 Q41 Joybook using Microsoft Windows XP

LAN Driver for BenQ R43 Q41 Joybook using Microsoft Windows XP

Bluetooth Driver for BenQ R43 Q41 Joybook using Microsoft Windows XP

Atheros WLAN Driver for BenQ R43 Joybook using Microsoft Windows XP

How to Install :

XP installation on the R43 with a Celeron processor in addition to causing problems in the system to its standby. Do not apply if the standby operating system Windows XP.

Windows XP installation on the R43 and the Q41 will not functioning when the dual display VGA out by using the Fn + F3 (the button is used to connect the Joybook with projector / external display).

To activate the dual display can be done using the Utility Sis. The steps:

1. Make sure the resolution in accordance with the Joybook resolution projector.

2. Right-click the icon Sis Utility located on the bottom right.

3. Select Display Property - Driver Mode Settings.

4. Check the "Power on secondary device"

5. On the projector screen will display a copy of the view Joybook desktop.

Both ways:

1. Right-click the icon Sis Utility.

2. Type in the key on the keyboard and D I.

3. Check the "Power on secondary device".

4. The process has been completed.


Microsoft Windows XP installation on the second series Q41 display joybook does not work. In the device manager will detect a device with the name "BenQ Q41 Series" where the device does not have drivernya for Windows XP.

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The first paper in 2009, I hope this brief tutorial can be understood and used properly. Before the holidays in December 2008 precisely "fun" browsing to get an application to play through the PSP LCD Laptop / PC monitor because it gives me the title "Playing PSP via monitor Laptop / Desktop PC."


What needs to be?

1. PSP System Software with 4:01 M33-2 (tested on my PSP with this firmware) or you can use the latest version.

2. USB Cable

3. Laptop / PC Desktop

After all prepared following installation steps:

For hardware that is used BENQ JOYBOOK with Windows XP SP2 & PSP SLIM

1. Download the application following RemoteJoyLiteEng

2. Extract the file, open the folder seplugins> RemoteJoyLite.prx

3. PSP to connect laptop / PC and copy the file to a folder RemoteJoyLite.prx in seplugins PSP

4. Turn off the PSP and then turn on again while pressing R

5. The M33 Recovery Menu as picture below:

You select Plugins, there will appear some Plugins that you have input (if you have the plugin other men recommended for first-disabled)

Note RemoteJoyLite.prx - is the beginning of the status (Disabled) you have to change into (Enabled)

6. After that you select Back and select Exit to quit

7. After all finished in the Laptop / PC you will menditeksi the new hardware, just follow the steps required when you open the folder driver extract before there is a folder you can select the driver of ber-extension. Etc.

8. After the entire installation process is finished you go to the folder GUI RemoteJoyLite_en select or create a shortcut on the Desktop to make it more easily.

9. OK all of the installation is complete, now you can play your PSP directly from a monitor in the laptop / PC. Please test your own features in the RemoteJoyLite.

Some of the pictures I can provide, as evidence of this tutorial:

The short tutorial from me, if there are any questions please write a comment below.

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