The first paper in 2009, I hope this brief tutorial can be understood and used properly. Before the holidays in December 2008 precisely "fun" browsing to get an application to play through the PSP LCD Laptop / PC monitor because it gives me the title "Playing PSP via monitor Laptop / Desktop PC."


What needs to be?

1. PSP System Software with 4:01 M33-2 (tested on my PSP with this firmware) or you can use the latest version.

2. USB Cable

3. Laptop / PC Desktop

After all prepared following installation steps:

For hardware that is used BENQ JOYBOOK with Windows XP SP2 & PSP SLIM

1. Download the application following RemoteJoyLiteEng

2. Extract the file, open the folder seplugins> RemoteJoyLite.prx

3. PSP to connect laptop / PC and copy the file to a folder RemoteJoyLite.prx in seplugins PSP

4. Turn off the PSP and then turn on again while pressing R

5. The M33 Recovery Menu as picture below:

You select Plugins, there will appear some Plugins that you have input (if you have the plugin other men recommended for first-disabled)

Note RemoteJoyLite.prx - is the beginning of the status (Disabled) you have to change into (Enabled)

6. After that you select Back and select Exit to quit

7. After all finished in the Laptop / PC you will menditeksi the new hardware, just follow the steps required when you open the folder driver extract before there is a folder you can select the driver of ber-extension. Etc.

8. After the entire installation process is finished you go to the folder GUI RemoteJoyLite_en select or create a shortcut on the Desktop to make it more easily.

9. OK all of the installation is complete, now you can play your PSP directly from a monitor in the laptop / PC. Please test your own features in the RemoteJoyLite.

Some of the pictures I can provide, as evidence of this tutorial:

The short tutorial from me, if there are any questions please write a comment below.

Translated by Google Translate


  1. Anonymous // 29 May 2009 at 20:13  

    You suck at tutorials. I would barely call this 'English'. Looks like I will do this myself...