Downgrade WINDOWS XP 32 bit JOYBOOK FOR S42

Several limitations USING WINDOWS VISTA
Joybook S42 is designed to work optimally with the operating system Windows Vista. Wherever possible to use the BenQ recommends Windows Vista on the Joybook S42.

Joybook S42 XP drivers provided by the PT. Galva Technologies to provide basic functionality when using Windows XP operating system. Some functions Joybook S42 software and software-Bundle will not be able to walk better if you use Windows XP operating system.

Function that can not be run with either:
1. Hybrid Power function. By using Windows XP, Joybook S42 can only support discrete graphics (Nvidia 9600M GT).
2. Hotkey VGA output. Fn + F3 (Hotkey for VGA output) will not function normally with Windows XP operating system. To produce a dual display (LCD and VGA output on), users can use the "nVidia Control Panel".
3. The delay movement indicator screen brightness. By using Windows XP when users change the contrast of the LCD, the contrast with the slow movement. However, there is no problem with the contrast of the LCD itself.
4. Noise when using the HDMI output.
5. Audio Line In can not be used.
Limitation of other functions may occur and will be informed in the next revision-revision.

Problems Software Bundle
1. BenQ Q-Shot requires Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 to work properly.
2. Audio Q-Switch does not work in Windows XP.
3. Qdata Trove does not work in Windows XP.

Procedure To downgrade to Windows XP
Some software must be prepared to downgrade to Windows XP:
1. S42 BIOS for Windows XP. BIOS XP can be obtained in version R3.02.
2. S42 XP drivers available on the site
3. Joybook S42 application that is on when buying a CD Bundle S42.
4. Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 which can be downloaded from the site

Downgrade to Windows XP
1. Change the SATA Operation Mode
Before you install Microsoft Windows XP, first you must make sure the SATA Operation Mode
mode on the IDE. The steps:
1. Enter the BIOS by pressing the F2 key when the BenQ logo appears.
2. Navigate to cursor Advanced.
3. Select the SATA Mode Selection.
4. Change the SATA Operation setting mode from AHCI to IDE (if not before setting the option on the IDE).
5. Save BIOS Settings
6. Perform installation of Windows.
If the above step is not done, the installation process of Microsoft Windows XP will not be able to walk.

2. Make Windows XP installation to complete.
3. Upgrade BIOS to version R3.02
BIOS must be upgraded to version R3.02 before the driver installation is done.
4. Install driver
Driver installation should follow the following order
a. Chipset drivers
b. VGA driver
c. Audio driver
d. Modem driver
e. CardReader driver
f. LAN driver
g. WLAN driver
h. Touchpad driver
i. Bluetooth drivers
5. Install applications
a. Install Q-Hotkey Manager
b. Install Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0
c. Install the application in the CD Bundle except that the application does not run on XP, as explained in the previous point.

Manual Installation for BenQ S42 Joybook using Microsoft Windows XP (Indonesian Version)
Driver Download


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