BenQ nScreen i91

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"n"- BenQ's Definition of a Perfect Future
Exclusively designed to empower you with supreme Internet connectivity, the BenQ "n" Series brings to you the pleasure of staying in touch with family and friends as well as meeting new people in your life through a total digital convergence. In essence, "n" is the trademark of never-ending joy and fulfillment that comes hand-in-hand with global internet connectivity – the realization of the ultimate digital lifestyle online. So enjoy! With a future that holds infinite possibilities, things are certainly lookin' great!

When Everything Is Simply Simpler
BenQ nScreen. The Network Screen
It's simply perfect for every home – whether it's for work or play, the young or the old, experts or amateurs! Just enjoy the endless fun online with your family!

Plug it in. Switch it on. Get online! Everything is a lot simpler when it comes to the BenQ nScreen – the perfect integration of an LCD monitor and computer mainframe. So say goodbye to the set-up and wiring hassles that come with a traditional computer and start embracing the simplest pleasure of surfing the internet, checking e-mails, browsing photos, watching movies and films, and having real-time chats all so effortlessly! What is more, the nScreen makes the perfect digital photo frame to embellish your home!

Simply Closer
When Staying in Touch Is Made a Little Simpler

The BenQ nScreen brings you closer to your family and friends no matter how far apart you are! It's built with a nScreen handset* that works just like your home phone and a 1.3 M webcam to bring the faces of your loved ones right before your eyes. The nScreen also keeps you updated with all the latest photos of everyone in your life with Air Frame so you can share all the precious moments together.

*Custom specifications may vary by model.

Simply Friendlier
When Functions and Applications Are Made a Little Simpler

Designed with your needs in mind, the BenQ nScreen incorporates a selection of thoughtful functions to keep everything a little simpler! This marvelous display perfects your audiovisual entertainment with 16:9 Full HD* resolution via the AMD Yukon Platform and SRS TruSurround HD. So feel free to play the volume and find the most comfortable setting – simply turn the power button like how you would use a radio! Additionally, there's a senior mode to enhance the overall audio pleasure of the senior users, making everything a little more enjoyable for them. Moreover, senior users no longer have to squint their eyes or put on their reading glasses as there's an input magnifier to keep reading nice and clear. No more details will ever be missed again!! What's more, you don't have to be a tech guru to upgrade the HDD and RAM of the nScreen on your own!

*i221 is 16:9 Full HD/ i91 is 16:9 HD