Enjoy More for Less with the BenQ Joybook Lite U121 Eco!

Everyone's looking for just a little more these days-more time, more space, more fun, more friends, more everything. Knowing that, BenQ presents to you the BenQ Joybook Lite U121 Eco-a netbook that's designed to give you a lot more for a lot less!

With one close look at the BenQ Joybook Lite U121 Eco, you'll find that BenQ has fine-tuned even the smallest detail to give you the biggest functionality and enjoyment! Whether it's the extra large 11.6" 16:9 LED-backlit wide screen display, the supreme battery performance, or the HDD/SSD supported hard drive*, the U121 Eco is a true steal of a deal, getting you your money's worth!

There's more! Whether it's Ocean Blue or Arctic White, the BenQ Joybook Lite U121 Eco, as suggested by its name, is an all-around eco-friendly 3C product built to keep the Earth lookin' great!

* Memory capacity may vary depending on the particular hard drive configuration (HDD-up to 500GB / SSD-up to 32GB)

More Action
Keep It Light and Fun
A netbook is invented to keep you on the go, not wear you down-even when it's got an 11.6" extra large screen! That's why we've slimmed down the U121 Eco to a mere 1.3kg to keep things light and fun for you!

Stay Out and About All Day Long
Why worry about running out of battery life when you can get a maximized 8-hour battery life with the energy-efficient U121 Eco? Plus, you can always use Q-Charge, BenQ's quick charge function, to get 80% charged in just one hour's time! That's another 6 hours of fun to be exact!

One Hour of Q-Charge Gives you 6 More Hours of Fun!

More Space
Type Freely and Comfortably
The U121 Eco gives you 100% typing comfort with its 100% full sized keyboard! So go ahead and type freely! You'll never have to worry about constantly hitting the wrong keys again!

Go Easy on Your Eyes
Pamper your eyes with the 11.6" extra large 16:9 LED-backlit wide screen display! With a 70% increase in viewable space , they can finally have a break from constant squinting!

Function Better with Two Brains
With the built-in HDD/SSD supported hard drive, you get to enjoy speedy boost-ups and super-sized memory capacity to up to 532GB*-which is more than enough for 600 movies!

* Memory capacity may vary depending on the particular hard drive configuration (HDD-up to 500GB / SSD-up to 32GB)

More Enjoyment
Like What You See
The U121 Eco features BenQ's patented UltraVivid Technology that works hand in hand with its LED-backlight display to boost the brightness of the high gloss widescreen surface. Along with the 8ms response time, a vibrant and noise-free image is yours to enjoy!

Love What You Hear
Turn on the 2.0W speakers and experience the 360° blasting sound effect of the SRS TruSurround HD® Technology! Additionally, the U121 Eco's quiet design keeps the fans turning at only 26dB, so you will be left undisturbed whether you're busy working or enjoying your favorite movie.

More Connection

Not only you get to cruise the town all day with the BenQ Joybook Lite U121 Eco, you get to stay connected via the Internet wherever you go!

The 24/7 unlimited Internet access with the 802.11b/g/n WLAN is reliable and great for transmitting your multimedia data and HD video files! With the help of 3.75G HSUPA*, you can get even smoother, faster data transfer. Additionally, there's QData Trove 3.3, the system backup guardian that'll keep your information safe during transfers and protect you from virus attacks.

Not to mention, the U121 Eco comes with the Bluetooth 2.1 and a built-in 1.3M webcam, so you can keep your U121 Eco connected to all your Bluetooth-supported devices as well as share your life with loved ones even when they're an ocean away!

*HSUPA available as optional purchase

More Eco-friendly
Whether it's the power-saving LED-backlit display, low power consumption Intel Atom CPU, or the massive amount of recycled material incorporated for packaging, the U121 Eco, as globally recognized by EPEAT and Energy Star, is one "seriously green" product!