The BenQ Joybook Lite Gives U 101 Reasons to Love

Reason #1:
An exceptional 10.1" 16:9 LED display that touches your heart.
Reason #2:
At 1.05kg, it's ultra-portable because love should be light and fun.
Reason #3:
Extra battery power for love that lasts longer.

BenQ proudly introduces you to the all new Joybook Lite U101 and the 101 reasons to love
this long-anticipated mini notebook! It's simply love at first sight!

From keyboard size, keystroke endurance, scratch resistance, weight, and emoticon design to 10.1" LED backlit screen, 16:9 perfect aspect ratio, 8ms screen response time, HDD and SSD supported hard drive storage capacity, internet connectivity, battery efficiency, intuitive user interface, high quality speakers and many more, BenQ has perfected them all – insisting to give you the best mini notebook experience ever!

Love the BenQ Joybook Lite U101. Enjoy Our 101% Dedication.

Love the Look

An expression is worth a thousand words.
If you can't explain it, simply express it!
With the Joybook Lite U101 by your side, You can touch the world with your truest feelings Anywhere, anytime!

And to keep this a lasting look, BenQ incorporated the Insert Mold Roller Technology – a special molding process implemented to protect the Joybook Lite U101 lid from shading. Now you can own the trendiest design and the freshest look!

Love the View

Bringing Comfort to Your eyes

A 10.1" LED backlit display is built to give you the broad view and premium color quality that keep your eyes nice and comfortable.

Bringing Perfection to Your Display

BenQ gives you the truest viewing pleasure with the 16:9 widescreen display.

Now you can enjoy watching movies and films without those ugly black bars that you see on the other screens!

Bringing Clear View to Your Picture
With a response time of 8ms, you can say goodbye to the annoying motion blurs while watching an action film or playing your favorite game!

Love the Moves

Lots of Fun to Carry
Weighing at 1.05kg, the SSD-driven U101 is built with a 3-cell battery to keep things light and easy for you! Just toss this nifty notebook in your bag and get ready for the road!

Lots of Space to Type
A keyboard that's 90% of standard Qwerty size is just what's needed to perfect every touch! Typing is so much more enjoyable with the extra space!

Lots of Room to Store
Grab what you want! The Joybook Lite U101 is HDD and SSD supported to give you the best of both worlds – the massive storage capacity of HDD and the stability of SSD! Now you can store and protect all your music, movies and photo downloads with no problem at all!

Love the Connection

Start Connected

The built-in 802.11b/g wireless Internet connection gives you the satisfaction of 24/7 unlimited online access! You can get faster and smoother multimedia and HD video transmission through 3.75G HSUPA*. And with Bluetooth 2.0*, you can connect the U101 to all Bluetooth-supported devices.

*Available as optional purchase

Start Communicating
Got friends or family across the globe? Not a problem! The high quality VoIP audiovisual connection of the U101's got you covered! Along with a 1.3M webcam and 1.5W speakers, sharing life with loved ones doesn't have to be so difficult after all!

Get Powered Up
Time is no longer an issue with the U101! Built with the newest power-conserving technology, this incredible notebook is highly efficient when it comes to processing the CPU to execute the computer programs. So kick back and enjoy the extra time!

Love the Sensation
Get Backed Up
Never worry about losing important information again with QData Trove 3.1! This system guardian enables you to back up files and folders and restore the computing system to its default setting in just a second!

Get Intuitive
The Joybook Lite U101 comes with a uniquely designed GUI to support the Linux system – a tri-color user interface so incredibly easy to set up and use that all you need to do is follow your intuition!

There's More to the Story!
Wait! The story doesn't end here with the Joybook Lite U101! There are even more reasons to be discovered!

All you have to do is visit to learn more about the U101's exceptional Emoticon design, premium audio-visual entertainment, ubiquitous mobility, and superior battery endurance!

This product complies with ENERGY STAR®

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