BenQ Joybook Lite U102
Lighten Up
Always on the move and often online? But don't want to be weighed down with a full-size laptop—nor deal with the compromises of a netbook that's cut corners to achieve its cut-down dimensions? Then the BenQ Joybook Lite U102 is just for you. It does away with the bulk and weight, but keeps all the key functionality and ease of use. And adds a whole lot of style.
Keep it light
Just a smidgen over a kilogram, the stunningly light Joybook Lite U102 still provides a roomy 10.1” screen. A beautifully sculpted housing measuring less than an inch in depth, and even the miniaturized AC adapter, illustrate a design devoted to svelte form.
Make it easy
With the Joybook Lite U102, you get thoughtful design touches that can make the difference between an experience that's terrible and terrific. Like an expanded touchpad for easier navigation. Or a hotkey (Fn+F2) for instant switching between different types of wireless networks. And the 16:9 display's increased resolution (1024x600) for easier viewing of more content.
Enjoy the performance
The Joybook Lite U102 provides a deluxe computing experience even with its diminutive size. Besides the roomy widescreen LED-backlit display, you get spacious hard disk storage, perky Intel Atom CPU, and three USB 2.0 slots. There's even a 4-in-1 card reader for easy access to photos, music and other media.
Stay connected
To get you connected, the Joybook Lite U102 provides 802.11b/g WiFi for broadband Internet away from your home or office—and an optional 3.75G HSDPA cellular modem for access virtually anywhere you go. You can even link to your Bluetooth-equipped phone or other devices if need be.