Long May You Run
Enjoy long-lasting battery power with the BenQ Joybook S35

Now, you can just focus on getting your presentation ready, and let the BenQ Joybook S35 takes care of everything else. With its incredible battery life, unbelievable lightness, delightfully slim and sleek form factor, spacious 13.3 screen, and chic look, this laptop spares nothing in helping you give a presentation that will wow everyone.

Keep It Light and Long-lasting
Careful selection of components, optimization of drivers, and the adoption of power-saving LED backlighting and Intel's ultra-low voltage processors have made possible the Joybook S35's amazing battery life. Strong engineering materials, precision engineering of the interior, and a felicitous arrangement of elements inside provide durability with minimal bulk.

.Just 1.6 kilograms*1 in weight
.17.1-millimeter*2 ultra-thin form factor
.Up to 11 hours of battery life*3

*1 With 4-cell battery
*2 At thinnest point
*3 11 hrs with 8-cell battery; 5.5 hrs with 4-cell batterye.

Work in Style
The sleek modern look of the Joybook S35 puts the emphasis on clean lines and lack of clutter. At a customer's, or in a cafe, the understated yet intriguing design of this notebook make it more than just a computer, but striking lifestyle accessory.

.Strikingly stylish Simple Black or Rich Blue color scheme
.Ingenious design with swept edges, textured surfaces for further visual appeal and scratch resistance.
.Recessed palmrest and elevated touchpad
.Full-size keyboard and large trackpad flush with palm rest for comfort
Sense the Difference
The high-performance DDR3 memory, mobility-optimized Intel ultra-low voltage processors, 16:9 high-res screen, and crystal-clear surround-sound audio make for a multimedia experience so good that the difference will be clear to your eyes and ears.

.Up to 4GB of speedy DDR3 memory for better overall performance
.High native 1366x768 resolution on large wide-aspect screens
.SRS TruSurround HD™ and SRS Headphone 360™ audio for like-you're-there listening experience
Smooth Your Way
The Joybook S35 is full of features that make your computing life easier and more enjoyable. Whatever you want to do with your Joybook, the S35 will make sure it's all smooth sailing.

.Large hard disk drive, up to 500 GB, enough to store literally dozens of DVD-format movies and almost
unimaginable amounts of photos or music
.Built-in card reader and eSATA slot for using super-fast plug-and-play SATA hard disk drives
.WiFi wireless networking and Bluetooth for cable-free connectivity
.Hotkey-triggered Program DJ for quick access to key settings
This product complies with ENERGY STAR®